Marié Digby – My new star

I was lurking around YouTube and found this gem, her name is Marié Digby, 25 years old half-Irish/half-Japanese. She composed her music herself (Singer/Song-writer), a few acoustic covers of Linkin Park's "What I've Done" and Rihanna's "Umbrella" could be found on YouTube.

As the reds go marching on! on! on!

Glory~! Glory~! Man United~!!

After a furious match, Manchester United won the UEFA Championship by 6-5 in the penalty shootout. Plenty of yellow cards and one red card for Drogba for slapping Vidic.

Anyway, the result is this:

I was watching through the internet feed, unfortunately the best channel I could get for free is True Vision's lol, so there was a slight delay (30 sec, crap!), but the stream was smooth.

New Header Image

Lots of thanks to Mameou for making my new header 😀

It's pretty nice, I asked her for the active and MIKA-ish style, then she worked her magic and voila!

If I made it myself, it wouldn't be this nice (I'm a poor artist, usually)

So, lots of thanks to her, you can also check out her new team blog on Buddism and meditation at Serenity Blog

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