I saved Thai tourism

I saved Thai tourism

Last night I went to Mulligan's after a colleague's wedding.

Towards the end of the night, two foreigners sat down on a table nearby and started smoking cigar. They each ordered a glass of Tripel Karmeliet, a fine brew that goes well with tobacco. It seemed like they were about to have a good night out in Bangkok.

But both glasses of the beer came with so much foam, starting from half of the glass and goes over the top. They were obviously unhappy, but the waitress offered no help.

I, as an avid alcoholic and a patriot (surprise?), stopped the waitress and demanded they do something with the foam. She said they were poured from a bottle, and that's the way it is.

Sorry, but that's unacceptable, especially in an Irish pub in the middle of Bangkok's tourist area.

I went up to the bar, ordered one more Tripel Karmeliet, paid for it, and just when I was about to grab the glass and the bottle to pour myself, a more senior waitress showed up and offered to pour for me. I told her she can do it, but if I'm not happy with the foam she'll have to pay for another one. She took the chance and poured very slowly, carefully. The end result was magnificent, the foam layer was properly sized. A 100 Baht tip was given.

I exchanged the new glass with one of the guests to our country. They were really happy for that, we hugged, talked about beers, exchanged our contacts, and they will come back next year with more friends.

I think I just saved Thai tourism.

Until #pitaksiam mob fucked it up today anyway 😛

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