Newsroom: Slow News Day?

I think they modeled this after The Daily Show!
So Aaron Sorkin came up with a new show - "Newsroom" airing on HBO.

Replace: Charlie Sheen with Jeff Daniels, Governing with Reporting, fictional White House with a fictional TV network and there you have it!

The pilot episode went pretty well imo, especially the opening rant. But here's the deal, I wasn't expecting The West Wing, but I was expecting more wits and thoughtful dialog than what I have seen on the second episode. It was about the news team struggling to get interviewees and content, and I think the series crew is also struggling in real life to get meaningful content for that episode also.

I'm still giving this show a couple more chances, but if they can't pull out of the awkward romance between the main characters and the meh romance between the supporting characters and can't focus on the main point of the show - Journalism, I'll just dump it on my watch later list 😛



Update: Episode 3 was more interesting, they went on about the rise of the radical Tea Party. Although the romance subplots are still awkward.

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