Thairath comics explained

This is Thairath's comic by the artist Seer on May 16th issue.

People has been discussing about who's Abhisit's puppeteer, most people feared that the character has a lot of resemblance with someone who everyone is so afraid of naming.

Well, here's the thing you see, people are being seriously insecure and overprotective about this matter.
I think that the person is our dearly deputy prime minister, Suthep T.

To prove my point, here's the previous drawings of Suthep on Seer's comics:

Now, let me ask again, who do you think is beside Abhisit? The point Seer was making is that Suthep, as the deputy prime minister taking care of the national security matters, the head of CRES/CAPO, and imo, the de-facto prime minister of Thailand, is Abhisit's puppeteer, not someone who everyone is so afraid of naming.

People should stop being so insecure about these stuff.

(h/t to tumbler_p)

ps: btw, full comics with captions after the jump.

ps2:, so he's been bashing this government a lot since they got into power.


May 16th (original post on Thairath website removed)

Top right: "Want to go on our platform seats! Want to go on our platform seats! Our platform seats! Our platform seats!"

Bottom left: "PAD's Political Party", Headband: "PAD"

(note: there's a phrase in Thai that says "A toad jumps on a platform seat", means a lowly person gets arrogant and cocky when they got in power)

(note2: see the little snake on Abhisit's throat with a big "N" on it? Probably refers to Nevin Chitchob, he's the leader of the Cobra faction, the faction that jumped from Puea Thai's side to Democrat's side, and made their coalition government possible)


May 14th

Top: hiding the sinister traces

Above arrow: "Khao soi dao" (see the news on that)

On the sign: Parliament dissolution. Give power back to the people. (UDD's motto on this rally)

On the sheet: use political tactics and power, 2 standard justice, distort and destroy for survival

(note: the snake usually have a nazi-styled swastika on it, except the one on May 16th)


May 13th

Top: "Request for the return of our fathers' lifes"

Above arrow: "Khao soi dao" (see the news on that)

On the paper: "Request for the return of areas" (CRES/CAPO's phrase that means "we're dissolving mobs with force!")


May 12th


Top: Proof of 2 standard justice

Above arrow: "Khao soi dao" (see the news on that)

Left label: Ordered the killings of people

Right label: framed for terrorism, abolishing the monarch

On Suthep's shirt: CAPO/CRES

Clapper: UDD

Banner: peaceful, nonviolence

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