AIS Fail

Well I popped up into Facebook in my BlackBerry and saw this:


and here's the full version:


(translation: First time... for you to chat unlimited, just 300 baht per month. To apply dial *630, for both One-2-Call! and GSM advance

Well, I've been using all 3 Thailand's top mobile carrier far too long, so I sort of got the idea that "chat unlimited" means "unlimited BB push" (where chat = BBM), but I wanted to find out anyway.

So I dialed *630, and the first thing that greeted me was:

AIS Package Press 1

So I pressed 1, then:

Monthly Package Press 1

wtf, no info given?

Not that surprising for me, then I hit up the link on my BlackBerry to see this:


All the text is SEO crap, didn't mentioned a thing about the promotion.

I tried with Opera Mini, but then nothing loaded up apart from BlackBerry logo and AIS logo.

So when I got home and open the page with Firefox...



A full Flash site! (Took down my Firefox twice lol)

It's a big shame that they posted a new BlackBerry promotion on the BlackBerryAIS facebook fanpage,

and the link is incompatible with BlackBerry's browser...


I understand that they want to make a flash site to be hip and attractive, but could they at least make it BlackBerry Browser compatible?

ps. yeah, it's "unlimited push" as I thought.


Update: Now they've finished their *630 menus, now it's bilingual. Thank you AIS, good job.

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