I think HOBS found me


4 months ago I blogged about HOBS (or now HONOBS), just had one of the regular rants of how they couldn't get the beer and the service properly.

And just when I logged in tonight, I saw these two comments on the approving queue:

“HONOBS” – House of No Beers???????

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion but I believe that HOBS – House of Beers has the largest selection of Beers in Thailand in one venue!

They have 34 Belgian Beers where the following 4 are Draft Beers.
- Stella Artois
- Hoegaarden
- Leffe Blonde
- Leffe Brune

Ok, they was one point where they had a shortage of Leffe Blonde due to the Brewery in Belgium but there are still loads of other alternatives and Blonde Beers available to drink.

This is the 1st Negative Blog that I have seen on HOBS and I think they are trying to make a difference in Bangkok by making more available beers for us to try.

As for the Manager, he is a local and usually looks after everyone!

HOBS – House of Beers is a great place to have great beers! No where compares!

- Chris

and 1:30 hour later, the supporting comment came:

I think HOBS is great. Everytime I go there they serving me good. Manager and the staffs is very nice and friendly to me and my friend and take care us every time. I don’t know why you have problem. Maybe you should try to go HOBS again? If HOBS is bad, why it full of customer every day??

- Pluem

And surprise surprise, both comments share the same IP address:


Well, I had some great laughs about the content, and the fact that this is still the usual defense to customer complaints around here.

They're just making fun of themselves, oh well, maybe I should give them another try.

But for now...



  1. i sense drama.
    they might share wifi at hobs!
    i demand for the manager instantly. lol


  2. it’s just pure fun 😀
    next time i should arrange a flash mob at hobs lol


  3. bleh! i dig Bamblu in every way…


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