Barack Obama on Kanye West


ABC: "Were your girls as hacked off as mine ?? that Kanye gave Taylor Swift the Joe Wilson treatment?"

Prez: "I thought that was really inappropriate, you know? It's like she's getting an award and wait, what do you, wait a minute. I..I..I hear you, I agree with it.

ABC:"That counts as the first question." (Laughter)

Prez: "The young lady seems like perfect nice person getting her award, what's he doing up there?"

ABC:"Why would he do that?"

Prez: "He's a Jackass." (More Laughter)

Prez: "No, no, all this stuff, I'm ?? all this stuff, where's the pool? C'mon guys, cut the President some slack, I've got a lot of other stuff ?? for you."

Prez: "Yeah, cuz I heard last time there was the fly thing, that was the highlight of the..."

ABC:"No that worked out for you"

Prez: "Except PETA"

ABC:"You have a chopsticks this time?"

Prez: "Haha, yeah right"

Source: TMZ

btw, Kanye already apologized through Jay Leno (link)


Couldn't transcript the whole thing, my speakers and my listening skills are too bad.

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  1. ??1 = I’m assume
    ??2 = offer for you



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