Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 (Preview)

This update just hit me, I thought Mozilla was on an acid trip at the time.
Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 (Preview) - Update

But it seemed official, so I downloaded and installed it.
Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 (Preview) - Install

And then I met this awesome robot.
Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 (Preview) - Run

My copy scored 93/100 in Acid3, with no "LINKTEST FAIL" msg, unlike 3.5 Beta 4.

And the rendering was fast.

Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 (Preview) - Acid3

Download a copy of Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Preview (Available for Linux, Mac, Windows)

ดาวน์โหลดไฟร์ฟ็อกส์ 3.5 พรีวิว (มีทั้งสำหรับลินุกซ์, แมค, และวินโดวส์)

I just found out that the B99 totally kills my wordpress admin interface, and I can't revert back to B4 properly. Mozilla is being messy this round or WordPress' codes are not proper? Don't know, but would someone mind fixing this?

Update: WordPress 2.8 is out, and is compatible with Firefox 3.5 Beta 99 (Preview)

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