BarCampBangkok2, the blog

Finally I have the time to blog about BarCampBangkok 2, but I'm too lazy + tired to write the whole deal out, so here are my highlights on the camp:

  • (@gen) Gen Kanai's Mozilla lab projects presentation
  • (@pphetra) P'Pok's Secret Project! presentation
  • Firefox Thai team grand opening!
  • (@luke_bkk) Luke's How to become a hacker in 10 years guide
  • (@dtinth) N'Thai's Wiimote hack in Linux guide
  • (@31o5) Satoko's How To Date A Japanese Girl guide
  • (@jfxberns) John Bern's Coworking discussion
  • Great dinner on first day (+ free beer!, thanks Mozilla!)
  • @sugree's super drunkness (No other comments on this)
  • Very fun dinner on the second day (though no beer but the discussions were fun)

I'm very glad to see a lot of new faces and more discussion groups appearing on this camp. To be honest, I'm quite surprised to see 400 people turning up for the event, I think this is the most crowded BarCamp ever in Thailand!

Also, I'm so-damn-glad to see this:

BarCampBangkok2 just hit the top spotlight of, how awesome is that?


Here's my " Let's Tweet!" Presentation by the way:


I hope that the next BarCampBangkok will have a lot more participation rate, not just same-ol' people talking and discussing (newcomers! you've learnt your lessons! talk next time! please promise me!)

See you physically at the next BarCamp.


  1. next time i will keep silence hee hee :p


  2. it’s a pity, i cant join join on 2nd day, -_-!


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