Migrating from WordPress or Drupal

This is a reply to Mameou's Blog Post

Seems like I'm on the opposite side lol

Mameou's scenario is that, she already exceeds the limit of WordPress.com blog service. She craves for more control and features, so now she was going to 'upgrade' her blog to WordPress.org (independent hosting) or Drupal.

My scenario is quite simple. I've tried many CMS: PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, e107, Joomla!, Mambo, XOOPS, Moveable Type, WordPress.org, Drupal.

So far I preferred to use WordPress.org and Drupal (Beautiful code, and no ugly <table>s). But my problem is mainly that, I just don't have the time nor the energy to tweak my blog as much as before. I simply put my time on something else (an excuse for being lazy lol)

When I was mourning my blog entries from 2004, I lost all of my will to keep the blog system up-to-date (I tweaked the code not to show any update warnings, see how strong is my lost of will?)

Then recently, I've found my new haven, something simple and familiar. Yes, I've found WordPress.com blog service (okay, I knew about it but I didn't cared before)

I didn't want anything more than to come up and write a blog. I'd customise it lightly only, I don't need to be so fancy anymore. I'll stay with WordPress.com as long as I'm happy with it, and I'm quite happy so far.

So, a tag to Mameou, I'm off the CMS hunting world (for my blog, not for other projects O.O")
Good luck 🙂


  1. I would’ve stayed with WordPress.com only if it styled <code> correctly!!! That’s about the most important thing that drove me way. 🙂 Mind you, I’m also lazy to set up my new blog… many days passed my and still haven’t started on it. lol


  2. drupal is too powerful to me. i tried that before wordpress. now i’m too lazy to migrate back to drupal, afraid that all plug-ins will explode into pieces.


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