I almost killed wiseox

What the hell is "wiseox" ? Mameou has a blog entry about it. (Credits to her for the quotes, I'm too lazy to dig them up)

Mameou was enjoying throwing endless witty questions to @wiseox, then I spot that and joined in.

I'm not that witty, so I threw endless troll questions, then I went for the "Will it Blend?" question:

thanr: @wiseox Will wiseox blend?

wiseox: 2-3 inches wheatgrass, 2 oranges, 1 banana, 1 lime, 12 crushed ice cubes, juice fruit then blend on high for 30 seconds. Stimulating.

How clever is that Ox? He evaded the Blentec blender! Pretty fly for a wise cow!

Then I went straight for the ultimate troll question:

thanr: @wiseox Will wiseox play Crysis?

At the moment, @wiseox disappeared for an hour. I thought he tried Crysis on his machine and crashed horribly or enjoyed it too much.

Then a few minutes ago, he came back.

wiseox: Wiseox smash temporality.

I almost killed @wiseox, never ever try and make him play Crysis.

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